Saint Humic Acid has been working in the fields of humic acids for more than 15 years.

Focus on its R&D and application in Scientific Agriculture farming,Animal feed,Environment Protection and Health care.

Raw material products are humic acid,sodium humate,ammonium humate,potassium humate,potassium fulvate,fulvic acid and so on.

In Agriculture ,carbon fertilizer series .Carbon rich base fertilizer,carbon rich base fertilizer plus,carbon source fertigation, carbon guardian and so on.

Animal feed ,we have additives for poultry,caws and goat,fish shrimp and so on .

For environment production we conducted a wide range of work like polluted soil and water recovery and increase soil carbon to decrease CO2 in air.

For healthcare,we have black gold powder and injection to remove toxins from body and also have function for blood.