Potassium humate application dosage

Potassium humate is mostly used for irrigation and spray,better mix with urea MAP DAP MPK,also good effect when mix with TE fertilizer. Potassium humate lock nitrogen and slow release,unlock phosphorous and optimize the utilization. Vegetable 1.Irrigation:we suggest 500 times dilution,suggest 30-40 kg 3-5 time per Hectare. 2.Spray:Suggest to use 1000-1500 times dilution. Fruits Trees 1.As

Humic acid solution

Humic acid is a plant and animal remains, mainly plant remains, a type of organic matter produced and accumulated by microbial decomposition and transformation, and a series of geochemical processes. Its total amount is astonishingly large, counting trillions of tons. Rivers, lakes and seas, soil coal mines, most of them have traces on the surface.

Why can humic acid increase the resistance of plants?

Humic acid is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular compounds that are widely found in nature and have been widely used in agricultural production in recent years due to their unique physiological functions. In addition to improving soil, improving fertilizer efficiency, and promoting crop growth, its role in plant stress resistance has also received increasing