Humic Acid is non soluble in water,in form of powder and granules,with pH 4-7.Usually work as soil conditioner.

Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack PowderBlack GranuleBlack PowderBlack Granule
 Product codeSHA-HA-1-PSHA-HA-1-GSHA-HA-2-PSHA-HA-2-G
Organic Matter(dry basis)85.0%min85%min80.0%min80%min
 Humic Acid(dry basis)60.0%min60%min50.0%min50%min
 Particle size /mesh60mesh2-4mm60mesh2-4mm
Granule Radial Load012N012N


1.Regulate pH of soil ,improve soil structure and increase soil fertility.

2.Helps to create a good living environment for microbial in soil.


  1. Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight
  2.  Could also provide according to customer’s requirement.