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Humate working as coke or coal powder binder Humate working as metal powder binder 1.Mineral powder  1000kg, about 50-80kg binder2. slag, adhesives stirring, add water, depending on the size and humidity adjustment of raw materials plus water,Continue ReadingIndustrial Binder

Promote fertilizer, increase utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – and nutrition For nitrogen: Since humic acid has a salt exchange capacity many times higher than soil, it can adsorb a large amount of ammoniumContinue ReadingAgriculture

1 .Fully decompose the various complex molecular nutrients in the feed and carry out good organic combination, increase gastrointestinal function, and promote protein assimilation. 2. Improve the permeability of animal cell membranes and protoplasts, increaseContinue ReadingAnimal Feed

The carbon stock in the soil is two to three times that in the atmosphere, and the soil is essential for coping with climate change. Carbon is also important for soil fertility and agriculture. However,Continue ReadingEnvironment Protection